NEW FEATURE: You can now walk through each room.  Other than that everything else is pretty much the same.  You can't see the player in each room but only in the hallways.

Note for users of firefox and variants: In Advanced->General options there is an option to 'search text as you/type' or what is known as the "Find-as-you-type" accessibility feature.  Please turn it off otherwise you won't be able to use the
letter keys in the game.

NOTE: The opening sound clip for the haxeflixel logo is LOUD.  Please be prepared to turn down your audio (although the game itself has none).

Also users of Microsoft browsers ( Internet Explorer / Edge ) will have to use a different browser as for some reason the html5 (javascript?) code doesn't work for them.

This is my roguelike set in space.  This is in development so all you can do here is, move the smiley face around with the arrows.  You can jump him around the map with the space bar.  Use 'z' or 'x' to switch decks up or down.  'b' to "bend" space (ie generate a new ship).  'esc' takes you back to the main menu.

Development log